Friday, May 8, 2015

Pitch Day Anticipation

My To Do List:

- Make a structure for my tri-fold board in my hard-bound composition book.
- Buy a tri-fold board.
- Make a script for Pitch Day.  
- Make my tri-fold board.
- Buy other materials for aesthetic appeal, such as colored letters and string.
- Find pictures for the board.
- Practice saying my script.

Throughout this project, I have learned so much more about how to organize a running club and research.  For example, I learned how to properly contact a professional for advice.  In addition, I learned that it's important to have stretches and warm-ups before the main set of running begins.  

I am feeling mixed emotions about Pitch Day.  I am somewhat nervous, but I know that I'll be fine if I consistently practice my script and how I'm going to present.

Inquiry Questions:

How is this presentation going to turn out?
How should I organize the information I need to present on my tri-fold and in my script?
Will people like my idea?
Will my presentation be long enough?

Monday, May 4, 2015

Planning for Pitch Day

For my Pitch Day I plan to have a Keynote presenting my information and ideas.  Some of the ideas I want to present include that the club can have no more than 15 participants and will last from 8-10.  In addition, I also want to mention in my "Pitch" that it is designed for experienced runners who want to stay in shape.  I will have slides that present this information, along with some pictures for aesthetic appeal.

Inquiry Questions:

What information is the most important to present for "Pitch Day?"
What theme should I have for my Keynote?
What should I make sure to include in my slides?
What 5k race would I have my club run?
Should I run with my club participants or not?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Contacting a Professional

Rather than making a phone call, I talked face to face with my cross country coach Mr. Mumford.  When I asked him for advice, he told me that I should make it a three month club for inexperienced runners.  Then I would have them run a 5k.  He also told me that if I wanted it to turn out well, I should not start the first week with hard, long runs.  He suggested that I start with 10-15 minute runs, and then build up from there based off how well they seem to be running.  He told me that it is also important that I start with atleast 10 minutes of stretching/leg strengthening.  These are all things that my coach told me to consider when organizing a running club.  In my opinion, the only issue that I may have during this process is reaching out to the community and advertising.  As a result of me getting advice on how to do this, I feel a lot more comfortable with my situation.  I now know a lot more, and have a very good idea on how I am going to achieve my passion of gathering a club.

Inquiry Questions:

How do I reach out to the community to get people to join my club?
What should the order of my stretches be?
What stretches should I do?
How many runners should I have in the club?
What 5k race should I have my club prepare for?

Friday, April 17, 2015

Findings Through Research

I have found that hosting a 5k would take lots of hardwork and effort, and would possibly end with me losing money as a result of all the expenses.  Because of this, I am going to change my goal and organize a running group rather than a 5k.

Not only would hosting a 5k result in a possible loss of money, but I would need to call companies for sponsorships and establish a clean-up crew for after the race.  In addition, I would have to get an emergency service just in case any participants got hurt.  These are all reasons why I am changing my genius hour.

I have grown as a researcher because I have learned how difficult it is to influence the community.  Also, I have learned that to host a 5k takes lots of support and sponsors, while organizing a running group requires barely any support and no sponsors.

Inquiry Questions:

- Should I gather a running group from our school or the public?
- How should I get people to join my group?
- When would I start the running group?
- How long would I have us run?
- How do I advertise to get people to join me?

Friday, April 10, 2015

Changing Society Through Running

A goal I have for using my passion of running to change our society is to host a 5k race to raise money for people with disabilities.  This would help our society because it'd raise money for those who are struggling.  However, I am not quite sure what specific disability to raise money for yet.  In addition, it would also be beneficial in the sense that it would get people out and exercising.  By the end of my 20 Time/Genius Hour, I want to have helped others through my efforts and passion of running.

Inquiry Questions for Further Research:
- How do I host a race?
- How do I get permission? Who do I call?
- Who should I go to for advice?
- Is their classes to inform me on how to host a race?
- Is their someone who can sponsor me?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Passionate About Running

My first experience with running was when I ran the Bob Potts 5k as a 6th grader.  Not long after that I decided to join the Cross Country team in 7th grade, and was surpised to see that I was one of the better runners on the team.  I also joined the Track and Field team that same year, and really enjoyed running the 1600 and 800 meter run.  I continued to run through 8th grade and am running in Track right now as a freshman.  
One thing I was really proud about was when I became the best runner on the middle school Cross Country team in 8th grade.  To this day, I have run over 20 5k's in my life, three 10k's, five 5 milers, five 4 milers and a 10 miler.  Running is very important to me, and is what I love to do each and every day.
I now want to share my passion of running with others and help people live healthier and happier lives.